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I visited Dr Pavan Chebbi for a ACL knee injury. He examined me thoroughly and explained about the surgery to follow with a guarantee that I can go back to playing sports. He performed a keyhole surgery on my knee joint. During the surgery he showed me the video Live inside my knee and repaired my ACL ligament. Now after 10 months after surgery I am back to playing badminton and go to gym regularly. He is very transparent about the surgery charges and insurance workups. Even the follow-ups and physiotherapy went on smoothly.


I went to Dr Pavan for shoulder injury and then he suggested for ct scan with 3d reconstruction of the shoulder joint and xray of shoulder then he treated and operated my shoulder which has dislocated.Very very happy with his diagnosis.Dr Pavan is such an orthopaedic surgeon however much is said about him is very less.He is very quick in diagnosis and fast in treatment.He always encourages the patient in such a way that the patient doesn't feel he is treated.Precribes very less medicines.He is a professional orthopaedic with pyschological touch.


He is an excellent person who doesn't treats paitents as paitents but as his close friend . Furthermore I would like to add for him monetary gains are secondary his first and foremost priority is the welfare of his paitent.As my case was critical(Hallux Venus dislocation of the left foot)I was worried about my treatment but Dr Pavan made sure with his wonderful expertise in his treatment that I be recovered and start walking like a normal person.I wish him a very successful career ahead.God Bless Him.


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I went to Dr. Pavan to check my ankle sprain. He took so much effort to explain everything with images and bone sample explanations. After an ankle binder was prescribed, he opened it and put it on himself for me. He is such a humble yet talented and skilled doctor. Highly recommended!

-Mystic Mysfit

Visited Dr. Pavan Chebbi for my father's knee ache. Awesome doctor with lot of patience and expert in analysing patients pain and cause. Very humble and gives satisfactory solution for all problems without suggesting any costly or unnecessary tests and medicine. Loved the doctor's attitude and treatment. Wait time is more as doctor is popular and works in multiple hospitals, prior appointment is suggested. I'll definitely recommend this Doctor for anyone who needs Ortho assistance or treatment.

-Bharat Kumar

One of the few doctors who justify the buck they charge. I went to see the doctor for an ankle sprain. He was calm and listened and diagnosed the issue well. Explained the issue nicely with diagrams and model of ankle.

-Abhinav Gupta

We Care For You And Your Health